Working Out with the Hubby

I really need to post more. This week I just had a lot going on between work, the gym and training myself. This week went well with my workouts. I am concentrating on my snatch numbers and improving my conditioning. I am not going to worry too much about losing fat because I feel that will be a "side effect" of my training. I think sometimes I put too much emphasis on losing fat that it consumes me and I not only obsess about it but actually stress out about it.

I am down 2lbs this past week. Feeling good about it and really listening to my body of when I need to take a break and when I need to push myself. Today I worked out with BJ and it was so much fun. I don't get to workout with him too often. Sometimes our schedules are different and then sometimes I will actually workout in the class he is teaching. But today we did and it is so great to have someone doing the same workout with you and going through the same pain. Here is what we did...

20 min as many rounds as we could...
10 2hand swings w/ 16kg (32kg for BJ)
10 Burpees
10 Push ups (BJ did Hindu push ups)

I did 9 rounds and 1 extra set of swings.

I WAS SWEATING!!!!!!!!! Then we were going to do some sled dragging. BJ said no we won't do that...OH! THANK GOD!!! No he said "Let's do farmer's walks!" GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!! This is where having someone there with you helps.

So we did farmer's walks 3x for me with two 24kgs (down and back was 1. About 30yrds one way) BJ did 5x with two 32kgs.

WOW! Hard workout but felt great!