Yes we made it to Texas! I have actually been here for about 2 weeks. This past month has not only been busy but extremely adventurous. Sometimes not in a good way ;). But everything is good now. The house is finally starting to look like a house and not a tornado of boxes. I started my new job at Centennial Medical Center. I love it! My co-workers and all the employees are so great. I am trying to get used to working the night shift again (7pm to 7am). Although I don't believe you ever get used to it.

BJ is really starting to build our personal training/fitness coaching business down here. It is great to see him really happy at what he is doing. But until we get some customers he is on what he calls "Wife Support!". That is ok, I know he is going to take our business to the next level.

As for my training, I am really concentrating on my pistols and my pull-ups for the Level 2 RKC at the end of June. Pistols are good, but my pull-ups I struggle with. Along with those, I am doing a lot of swings and jerks. I don't really enjoy the jerk, but it really does help with my presses and my snatches. The one thing I do love about my training is how much I sweat down here! Whether it be running, KB's, or even pull-ups it is hot and humid and I sweat!!! I am the type of person who loves to sweat when I am working out. A lot of times that is how I judge my workouts. Not the best way, but it feels so good. The weather has been 90-100 since I have gotten down here. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Till next time...