Quitting IS Easy

Not exactly a sentence you would think would come out of my mouth...but it is true. Some people will say..."I never quit" and I say...BULLSHIT! Why? Because everyone has a breaking point.

To quit all you have to do is stop. Stop what you are doing, put down what ever you are working with, walk away, never go back to it again, I could go on and on.  But in the end it IS easy to quit.

I wanted to quit about 2 weeks ago. I was doing a training set of snatches with the Kettlebell and NOTHING was feeling right. For the entire week I was not getting my numbers, I was feeling weak and to put it mildly I was sick and tired of all of it. So after a set, BJ watching/coaching me, I threw the bell down (which you just should never do...very disrespectful), looked him in the eyes and told him "I QUIT!". Now I have said that before with my training, but this time I meant it. And at that moment I realized...it is easy to quit.

I mean I have been using these things (Kettlebells) for 12 years, I could snatch in my sleep....why could I not hit my numbers? BJ kept trying to remind me that I had just had a baby 6-7 weeks ago. Sorry but for me that is not an excuse, even though I have said that to many women who I have trained in the past that you must take your time getting back in the "swing of things" (no pun intended).  When it comes to certain things, such as Kettlebells, I expect a lot from myself.

Well as some of you know, because you have seen me in the gym, I did not quit. I didn't walk away, I didn't put the bell down, I went back the next day and started over again. I had to remember WHY I am doing this. One: I have goals. And I put all my goals out for all to see. I can't workout/train with out goals...I get board and my training is weak. Two: If I quit what is that teaching my daughter? It's OK to quit just because you don't like the way things are going? Or that they are getting tough? If someone said that to me, even Parker, I would tell them..."Suck it up Buttercup!".  And three: I would be letting myself down. Now that is not to say I am never going to not quit, but for today I sticking with my goals and working towards them even when I want to quit.