One of My Favorite Booty Shapers!!

About to wrap up week 1 of my new program I am doing. Feeling great and loving the exercises!! (Next week I will post a 2 week progress pic!)

Here is one of the exercises in my new program and it has quickly become one of my favorites and most certainly making sure it's in the TLAG program!!

They are called Barbell Box Step ups and man do they build that booty!

These are great for shaping and lifting the butt, which is great for as we get older...things do start to sag :(

I use a barbell, but you can use many different tools such as dumbbells, Kettlebells, a weighted vest, a medicine ball or even just step up using your body weight. The key is to not use momentum while stepping up, let the leg that is stepping do all the work.

Happy stepping!!!