New Things Ahead...

Besides our move to Texas and my new job, BJ and I are re-vamping our Personal Training/Bootcamp/Kettlebell business.

So what does that mean? Well, we are going to have new blogs, new websites, and a new name for our business. It is all very exciting!

I am going to have 2 blogs. One for my own training and then one for Train Like a Girl. The Train Like a Girl is going to have all kinds of information, workouts and tips on how to better your health and fitness.

Also, we are going to have the privilege to host a Kettlebell workshop with SrRKC Dave Whitley! This will take place the first weekend of October. If you are going to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area...YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS IT!!!! This will be for everyone! Whether you have touched a KB or not. We will be giving more info in the near future!

So please check back often to see what is new and how things have changed for the better!!!