Great workout today!

After working a double yesterday I was a little leary about how my workout would be today. Boy was I wrong! I had an awesome workout! Everything just clicked and flowed the way it should. I just hope the rest of the week goes this well. Here is what I did...

Deadlift #135 6x2
Squat #100 5x3
5 min Snatch w/ 16kg (I did this 2x. I did the first 5 min, took a 2 min break and then did the next 5 min)
Total for both 5 min was 106 snatches. I had to stop with 30 sec left in the second 5 min b/c I felt one of my calluses tearing.
Walked on treadmill for 45min

So this was my typical workout that I have been doing, nothing new, nothing spectacular, but it felt great! Also, I had some awesome music playing. I love working out to the band Dope. We saw them in concert a couple of weeks ago and they were fantastic.

Food is going well too. I "carbed-up" or did my "re-feed" over the weekend. I didn't go overboard and tried to stay as clean as possible. Still have to work on that. Today I am doing very low calorie due to all of my calories during the weekend. I seem to be perfectly fine. I am not going to go very low calorie all week because of what happened a couple of weeks ago, but today and tomorrow I will be low, then on Wednesday bump them up a bit. This is sort of an experiment for me so we will see.

Have a great day!

Train Hard...Train Like A Girl!!!!!!!