Great Sunday workout

Over the past couple of days I have been feeling really good about my workouts and the effort I have been putting into them. I was at a lull for awhile and to be honest just didn't feel like doing anything. I still worked out, just didn't have the heart in it. Today went something like this...

5 Burpees
10 Snatches w/ 12kg (5R/5L)
15 Mountain climbers
20 2handed swings w/ 12kg

At the top of every 2 min I would start and then when I was finished with the 20 2handed swings I would rest for however long I had until the 2 min was up, then I would start right back with the burpees. I did this for 20 min and I used my handy-dandy Gymboss. For those of you who do interval work I HIGHLY recommend it. Anyways, this kicked my butt some good. I felt I really worked and had a tough conditioning workout. I really feel like my conditioning is improving and my strength is going through the roof!

Tomorrow is a rest day for me. Mainly because I am working 24 hours straight. Don't ask, but then Tuesday I will be ready and roaring to go...I hope!

Happy Monday!