2 Weeks into my Maintenance

So today marks 2 weeks into my goal of maintaining what I worked for for my photo shoot. And I have to say I am really happy with it so far. Here are pics from this morning...

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I'm holding a little bit of extra water in the stomach area from some of the extra carbohydrates I am eating, but in the picture on the right (wish I had better lighting) you can still see definition in my abs.

As for the scale, I have only gained 3 pounds back from the day of my shoot. And from what I can tell, it is all water weight!

I'm happy, not only about the abs and the scale, but also because I am proving to myself and others that you CAN maintain great results with out starving yourself or killing yourself in the gym 24/7. I didn't rebound and I am easily eating more food, and really GOOD food ;), than I did during the 8 week lean out.

Overall my body is responding nicely and I am super excited to keep it going for another 2 weeks.